Hello! Welcome to Simplechain technology community, thank you for your support to Simplechain! Our community activities and incentive plans will be updated quarterly, please continue to pay attention.

Participate in SimpleChain open source co-construction

Welcome to join the Simplechain open source community. You can join the community in the following ways:

Participate in code or document contribution:

  • Fork,fork the project to your Github account;
  • Clone,clone the project to the local development environment;
  • Hack,hacking code or documents (create a new branch to complete the update);
  • Push,push the committed branch to the remote Github account;
  • PR,create a new pull request to complete the contribution;
  • Dcoument, • write a document library, organize basic tools to use related documents;

Participate in technical community sermon

  • Article: Original articles related to Simplechain and successfully published the above in the Channel.
  • Technical video: Clip short videos about Simplechain and publish them on relevant platforms.
  • Community node building:Create a Simplechain node and expose the IP address and port number to the public for community developers to use directly.
  • Active technical community:Guide topics in the technology community and activate the atmosphere of the technology community (such as Weibo Super Talk)

Community project contribution

There are mainly two forms of contribution to participating in community projects;

  • Developers can choose their own development based on Simplechain. There is no need to communicate with the official, and there is no incentive for this. It is purely a personal behavior of community developers and has nothing to do with the Simplechain technology community.

  • Developers think that a certain basic tool is necessary for the development of Simplechain, but it is not yet available. It can be fed back to the person in charge of the technical community, and the technical personnel think it is necessary after evaluation. Then it can be developed, and developers will also get certain token incentives.

Community Task

BUG Hunter

  1. Find the bug of Simplechain and submit it on github. After it is evaluated and confirmed by the core team, different rewards will be given according to the severity of the bug.

Landing expert

  1. Enterprise landing

Responsible for the cooperation between SimpleChain and enterprises, mainly responsible for the promotion and explanation of SimpleChain technology and implementation cases. Cooperation with enterprises and technical support work in the later cooperation process. After being evaluated by Simplechain foundation to reach the standard, it will receive rich bonus.

  1. Government Cooperation

Connect Simplechain to cooperate with government projects and be responsible for communicating with the government. Provide SimpleChain-based blockchain training for government personnel and achieve government cooperation. After being evaluated by Simplechain foundation to reach the standard, it will receive rich bonus.

Community KOL

The SimpleChain technology community has been recruiting KOL for a long time. Developers are welcome to actively participate in the technology ecosystem of SimpleChian. Certain incentives will be given every quarter according to personal performance.

The main work of community KOL is as follows:

  1. Organization developers, developed based on SimpleChain, and provided technical support. And the follow-up and promotion of the later project.
  2. Build a developer community, share technologies related to SimpleChain, and activate the community atmosphere. And developer relationship maintenance.
  3. Publish technical articles and technical videos. Become a content creator and output.

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