SIPC.VIP the digital resource application ecological platform is controlled by Hong Kong Hash Power Calforce HoldingLimited operation,Is servingSimpleChain and the important ecological platform of the subchain is an important entrance to the future "new infrastructure construction (new infrastructure)", providing users with safe, convenient, exclusive and standardized services. The platform mainly provides leading "new infrastructure" services for digital resources to global users. At present, the platform has completed the layout of Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

SIPC Ecology

Integrate multiple SIPC tools to create a SIPC blockchain ecosystem with multiple business forms

Security and trust

Several years of experience in digital resource services, professional decentralized architecture and anti-DDOS attack system

Instant service

7×24 hours online customer service, providing users with instant, fast and efficient services, so that users can operate unimpeded

Risk prevention

Bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification control to ensure operational safety

Website and APP application

Multi-chain wallet

Multiple security protections ensure the security of the main chain and the digital resources of each sub-chain in the SimpleChain ecosystem. Decentralized features, convenient operation, focus on user experience, multi-signature, safe and reliable

Information community

Keep abreast of SimpleChain community development trends, cutting-edge information on the blockchain industry, and industry expert research reports. Set up a special fund for rewards, and sincerely invite independent media professionals to submit articles.

Application ecology

It has covered all areas such as judicial security, traceability of deposit evidence, e-commerce, social networking, entertainment and games. Supports multiple types of applications such as DAPP, APP, H5 webpages, and sincerely invites like-minded companies that are committed to the industry to move from the virtual to the real.

Download SIPC.VIP

Open the download address:,Follow the instructions on the page, scan the code to download and install the SIPC.VIP platform. As shown below:


If you are an Apple phone, you need to open: Settings——General—— Device Management——Verify to verify, I have verified it here. As shown below:


Then we open the application, register and log in with our mobile phone number. Use after registration and login, as shown below:


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