Simplechan developer document

SimpleChainis a public chain with the design concept of one main chain and multiple sub-chains. Through the multi-level distributed value network design, it supports the deployment and expansion of blockchains in multiple consensus and multiple business scenarios, supports cross-chain transactions and sub-chains that meet tens of millions of TPS, involving distributed computing, judicial digitization, digital auction, real estate, digital entertainment games, transaction settlement, and other scenarios, jointly Build a new digital economy ecosystem. WithSimpleChainmian network running, We have seen more and more Blockchain enthusiasts and technology developers participate in our technology community and ecosystem construction. Welcome more technology developers to join our technology community.

Our documents are designed to serve developers and community enthusiasts to quickly understand and get startedSimpleChain。Document fromSimpleChainCommunity and SimpleChainThe core team maintains it together, so you are welcome to make your own contribution here! We hope that the document can be understood more clearly SimpleChaintechnology and ecosystem.

At the beginning SimpleChainBefore network development, you need to make the following preparations:

  • Understand the basic concepts of blockchain
  • Have a certain mainstream programming and development foundation
  • Have Right SimpleChainUnderstanding of basic attributes and specific understanding of your business needs

We sincerely welcome everyone to join our SimpleChainCommunity developer friends and based on SimpleChainOrganize applications on the ground.

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